We humanely raise pigs outdoors on pasture and woods for the wide range of benefits it brings to the animals, the consumer, and the local community.

I just try to raise a pig that I would want to eat.
— Benji Anderson, Athens Banner Herald, January 2014

Our Philosophy

Animals raised outdoors and kept on fresh ground enjoy exercise, lowered stress, strong immune systems, low disease pressure, and a pretty good time. 

Maximizing the use of available forages including grasses, legumes, acorns, hickory nuts, and roots improves the taste of the meat and the health of the animal.

When pigs have enough space, there are no noxious odors or pollutants from manure to bother nearby neighbors and communities.

Consumers benefit from more complex flavors in the meat, lower saturated fats, and higher amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Consumers should also pride themselves on supporting, through their purchases, making pasture-based small farms successful and supporting their local communities and small businesses.